• Journey to the Joie de Vivre: Lessons to Be Learned on the Road (If We Look for Them)

    Sail away on another cargo ship adventure with Homer, this time to Europe – steaming in and out of exotic ports in Spain, Malta, Italy and France, with plenty of land-based excitement in between. Destination: the joie de vivre – from the heavenly taste of a seafood ravioli on the Ligurian coast to the silky perfection of Michelangelo sculptures; from a tiny Swiss Alpine village where nobody ever goes, to the heart-piercing strains of an 18th-century cello in Paris; from the barren, blood-soaked sands of Omaha Beach on D-Day to a house party in a Norman Château. This is a travel memoir with a purpose and loaded with the surprise of the unexpected and the delight in the people and places met that make for a richly colorful armchair travel read.

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    "Journey to the Joie de Vivre" is another delightful memoir by Ms. Homer, who also wrote about an earlier journey in her book, "Letters from the Pacific." The current book takes the reader by cargo ship from Central America through the Straits of Gibraltar to ports in the Mediterranean, through various locations in Europe - both urban and rural - and back again. Through her travels, she weaves a tapestry full of local flavor and rich with stories told by the people she meets along the way. And throughout there are wonderful, sometimes serendipitous, moments of awe-inspiring beauty. There is a generous amount of humor as well. And, just as with her earlier book, she returns to and writes most beautifully about, her spiritual home: the ocean."

    D.J. (Amazon)

    "There are many "travel" authors out there writing about their travels, but Sandra Shaw Homer's book, "Journey to the Joie de Vivre", is in a class of its own. I loved her rich descriptions of the out-of-the-way places she visited in Europe and her sad, funny, and frustrating experiences in each, but that isn't what puts this book at the forefront. It's her mode of travel, via cargo ships, that sent me on a trip of my own. She creates a yearning to do the same, and if that isn't possible then make the voyage via Sandra's book. Take a dream voyage across the world when you read the Joie de Vivre."

    R.S. (Amazon)

    "Very personal insight on traveling by cargo ship. I really enjoyed the first-hand, close, intimate view given by the author. Some very nice implicit suggestions of places to visit. I personally liked the nontangible side of traveling that is sure transmitted and beautifully captured in this book. There is an underlying emotional and spiritual, reflexive atmosphere that makes this book relatable and inspiring. Highly recommended!!"

    A.C. (Amazon)