• The Magnificent Dr. Wao

    The patient began bleeding uncontrollably during a delicate microsurgery on her neck. The doctors had to go on with the surgery, but afterward, the patient developed a hematoma in her throat that started to close down her trachea. Emergency surgery, followed by another hematoma, yet another surgery, and still the bleeding continued. It was many days before the patient began to awake to her condition, but by then she had already entered an alternate world. What happens to the human mind when the body is chasing death, kept alive on a ventilator, steroids, and a feeding tube? And what does a writer do, hands tied to the bed rails and unable to speak? Hallucinating much of the time, all she can do is write in her head and in the present time, because there is no time in Intensive Care. Vivid and powerfully told, both scary and funny, this true story will inspire, as well as testify to the resilience of the human mind and heart.

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    Reader Reviews

    "Great read! Lovely. Really lovely. [Homer has] a gift with the words. Fascinating account. I'll pass it on to my friend who had a similar experience while being treated with steroids. She's still trying to reconcile the difference between hallucination and reality. This writing will be so helpful."

    J.C. (Amazon)

    "Wonderfully written... a hospital stay unlike any other! A very vivid account of the author's attempt to survive physically - following an operation - and mentally, as she begins to lose her grasp on reality. Rich with personality, introspection, and compassion, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this more than once."

    M.J. (Amazon)

    "...what an incredible voice from the depths. The fading in and out, the distance, the hallucinations (amazingly vivid), the little struggles, the characters moving in and out of [Homer's] ken, and above all [her] physical plight, are all astounding. The narrative is so convincing that I was completely caught up in it. I could see [Homer] in my mind’s eye, lying there in the hospital unable to speak... The story-telling is brilliant: an intensely original insight into the depths of medical delusion and the sense that life was slipping away. And indeed, it almost did. Kudos to the Magnificent Doctor Wao!"

    R.N. (Amazon)